The Matthew’s Hearts of Hope research grant is a one-time award for full-time pediatric cardiology fellows conducting research to advance knowledge about congenital heart defects during their academic year.  Up to five awards ranging from $2,500 - 5,000 per recipient will be made.

The first recipients of this award were:

Hannah Fraint, MD - Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York
Joanne Chiu, MD - Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York
Shaun Mohan, MD - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Simon Lee, MD - Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

They each received $5000 for their respective CHD Research Projects.

2014/2015 Grant Recipients
Hari Rajagopal, MD- Mount Sinai
Jonathan Flyer, MD Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York
Shivani Bhatt, MD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Sunil Ghelani, MBBS MD Boston Children’s Hospital

2015/2016 Grant Recipients

We as a foundation made HUGE Strides! We dispersed close to $70,000 to 13 promising CHD Research Projects as well as a 3-D Heart Project at Boston Children’s Hospital to which we have committed $10,000 in 2016 as well 2017.

Boston Children’s Hospital:
Laith Alshawabkeh, MD
Sarah Goldberg, MD
David Hoganson, MD
Anthony Merlocco, MD
Michelle Sykes, MD

University of Rochester Medical Center:
Ryan Alanzalon, MD

Children’s Hospital of Phildelphia:
Arene Butto, MD
Monique Gardner, MD
Michael Liu, MD

Children’s Hospital of New York:
Nithya Swaminathan, MD
Ranjini Srinivasan, MD
Jonathan Flyer, MD

Mount Sinai Hospital:
Ruchika Karnik, MD

Thanks again!
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